Custom layers

Nyssedroid can load custom layers if they are in kml-format. This feature is very experimental, next versions can change it radically or even remove it.

If you are browsing this site with an Android device and Nyssedroid is installed in it, you can add a Visit Tampere layer by clicking this link. It should start Nyssedroid which will then ask for a confirmation about adding a new layer. If it is succesfully added you can now see it in Nyssedroid’s “Visible layers” dialog and in “Map layers” view after you have restarted Nyssedroid. Custom layers are updated when Nyssedroid is started so if you don’t need these layers you can disable or remove them to save bandwidth and other resources.

Currently you can create a new layer for others to use by specifying a description file. This file has an .ini-like format and contains sections with key-value pairs. Description coming soon!